Barnacle Power

Saturday 8th July

Went up to the boat in the early afternoon. There was a fresh breeze blowing directly into the bay so I fired up the engine and cast off. Opened the throttle and.. nothing.. not half a knot. There was just enough power to bring her head through the wind and pick up the mooring again.

A quick glance into the well told all and I pulled the engine up into the cockpit. The Venerable Yamaha had been attempting to produce forward motion with a ball of barnacles in place of a propeller and a couple of hours were required to return the bottom half of the outboard to more efficient proportions. The hull’s a bit hairy too. Either the water’s richer in Balvicar or my ‘I’ll take the cheapest please’ anti-foul isn’t up to the job.

Sunday 9th July

Sailed off the mooring at lunchtime (no wind earlier) and started short-tacking down the Sounds of Seil and Shuna. I was strangely out of sorts however and not enjoying the sail so I turned round and returned to the mooring after a couple of hours. A crisis of confidence perhaps.

Miles this trip 7
Miles this season 208 (s/h 22)


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